Effective service in tennis – how to master this element of the game?

Effective service in tennis – how to master this element of the game?
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Serving is to a tennis player what starting an engine is to a car driver. So if you want to learn to serve well, it is worthwhile for you to learn the basic rules.

Learning the first stroke of the ball should not be skipped. The game will depend on it – a bad serve is a good chance to lose the match. If done correctly, it can bring you closer to victory, because it sets the rhythm of the game. It can be compared to the first moves in chess, the struggle for dominance on the court. You should focus your efforts on improving the power and precision of your stroke as much as possible.

As the forehand is the most difficult part of the game, it should be divided into several stages.

Throwing the ball

This should not be skipped either. Admittedly, each participant has two possible approaches to this stage, so you don’t have to stress so much. When practicing, however, you should start with the throw. Place your feet behind the end line of the court, between the center mark and the side singles line. Then try to perform the throw as if you were simulating an actual stroke. Try to aim the ball at the service side.

In the case of a match, make sure your opponent is ready to receive before making the serve. We play fair! From the time the ball is tossed to the first bounce, no player may cross the line. Players have twenty seconds each to complete the serve.

Grip and Strike

Tennis uses two types of grips: universal and backhand. To begin with, the universal will be more appropriate for you. Try to find what is called a continental grip. This is catching the racket in a hammer-like manner when you intend to hammer nails. Then raise it to a candle position so that the strings are at head height. Another option is the javelin throwing position.

Once you have assumed the proper position, you can finally toss the ball. Remember to try to hit the ball at the highest point of the racket possible. The swing is a key moment. Start with the racket behind your back and as you throw the ball, move it over your head in the direction of the flying ball.

In case of a direct hit, pronation is important, which is a twist of the forearm from inside to outside. During practice, stop the motion of the racket immediately after impact. Make sure that your stroke is correct. Then, when you have completed this stage, pull the racket to the hip on the left side. With this kind of training, you will learn to control the trajectory of the ball.

You can divide thetraininginto different stages:
– throwing the ball,
– direct hit,
– finishing,
– full service.

The most common mistakes in the tennis serve

It is important that you avoid common mistakes that can spoil the serve.

– Take care to keep your left hand straight during the throw.

– Hold the ball with three fingers rather than your whole hand.

– Look for a continental grip. A proper grip and well executed pronation guarantee a good serve. Otherwise, you risk hitting the racket with your arm.

– Your body position should change during the serve. At the beginning, you should stand with your left side facing the net and after the serve, your right shoulder should be facing the net.

– Technique and precision are most important. Do not hit with all your might if you do not know how to control the racket and the flight of the ball.

Service in tennis is the most difficult element for a reason. It requires the greatest preparation, imposes the pace of the game and at the same time, forces you to work your muscles with great intensity. More than any other element of tennis, it can lead to injury. So don’t skip the warm-up before the actual training. Remember to prepare your wrists for the game.

It’s a good idea to take a look at professional players before you go out on the court. Studying the moves of Agnieszka Radwanska, Serena Williams or Roger Federer will certainly bring many benefits.

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