Exercise ideas for the outdoors

Exercise ideas for the outdoors
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Do you like keeping fit outdoors, but have no idea how to get back to exercising outside after the winter break? See what can work for you!

Jogging and Nordic walking

If you like cardio and want to improve your cardiovascular fitness, running or walking with poles are perfect for you. Depending on your level of fitness, you can easily choose the level of difficulty and length of routes, and modify the pace to make the sport challenging but not exhausting.

It’s also worth remembering to practice good exercise training – you shouldn’t eat large meals two hours before exercising, although it’s also not recommended to train completely on an empty stomach. Just before exercise, you should drink half a glass of water, while when you return – stretch and eat a protein meal. With these habits, your workout can become more enjoyable, more effective, and above all, healthier.

Don’t forget about strength training as well. Perform series of exercises to strengthen specific muscle parts and work with weights. With regular cardio and strength activities, you will achieve much better results – you will improve your condition and fitness, develop strength, mobility and endurance. And if monotonous and uncomplicated technical exercises are not enough for you, check out outdoor workouts in a less standard approach here https://sportegym.com/sport/physical-activity-and-the-course-of-covid-19-research-leaves-no-illusions/.


A great idea for exercising outside is also cycling. Thanks to the involvement of many muscle groups, exercising this way is very demanding and developing. Most major cities in Poland have cycle paths or areas where it’s safe to cycle – and those looking for a bigger challenge will find forest trails or traversing local hills.

However, it’s worth remembering that to ride your bike safely, you need to have it serviced and checked regularly. Before riding, make sure your brakes are working properly and front bike lights and the rear wheels are in good working order. Also, don’t forget to wear reflectors, especially if you’ll be riding in areas where you may encounter cars

Outdoor gyms

More and more cities are creating outdoor, accessible areas where you can find exercise machines. Check if there are such initiatives where you live as well – thanks to them, exercises that you used to do only in the gym can be transferred to the fresh air!

This is great even if you don’t always have the time or inclination to exercise outside. It’s a good idea to plan a workout like this from time to time. Fresh air and direct sunlight will definitely have a positive effect on your health and mobilization.

Main photo: Arek Adeoye/unsplash.com

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