Defensive systems in handball

Defensive systems in handball
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Victory over the opposing team can be achieved primarily through perfectly developed tactics. However, planning the optimal defense in a handball match will be quite a challenge!

Handball – a popular team sport

Team sports are very popular around the world. In addition to soccer and volleyball, handball generates a lot of interest among fans. This sport has many enthusiasts also in our country. The task of the team, which consists of seven players, seems to be simple: to win, you need to score as many goals as possible. As practice shows, this goal is not at all easy to achieve. Success can be achieved by implementing properly planned offensive and defensive tactics.

Not only attack counts

Points in a handball match are scored by successfully placing the ball in the opponent’s goal. However, even a high number of points may not be enough to win the game. The opponent can score more points. How to prevent that? You have to bet on effective defensive actions. When the opponent is in possession of the ball, you need to make every effort to seize the ball and prevent him from scoring.

Systems of defense in handball

Successful seizure of the ball will allow you to construct a successful attack. It is possible to distinguish several systems of defense that are used in the games of handball players. Each player can have a player from the opposing team assigned “to him”. In this case, the attention is directed to one person. This system is used to surprise the opponent and thwart their offensive play. Under such strong pressure, it is easier to force mistakes on the opponent. Unfortunately, there are also disadvantages, among which are the necessity for the player to be active in a large area and the large expenditure of strength.

Another method of effective defense is zone defense. This method is used most often. It consists in the fact that each player is responsible for defending a specific zone. The main task is to break the attack of any opponent that finds himself in a specific area of the field. The key to success in this case is complex cooperation of the whole team. In order to develop the most effective defense, you can use one of the schemes for setting up players on the field: 6:0, 5:1, 4:2, 3:3, 1:5, 3:2:1, 3:1:2.

Each of the above schemes has its weaknesses, but also its strengths. However, the formation should be modified depending on the game – this is the coach’s job.

A mixed defense is also possible. It is a combination of elements of “man-to-man” defense and zone defense. In this case, the players’ attention is directed to a specific area and to extremely strong representatives of the opposing team.

How to play to win?

Success in team sports depends primarily on the degree of harmony of all players. Yes, there are situations in which a team wins matches only thanks to the talent of an individual, but these are quite rare events. The key to victory and developing the right level of play on the pitch is regular and intensive training under the watchful eye of experienced coaching staff. Defensive tactics training should be as important as learning how to effectively attack the opponent’s goal.

What characteristics should an effective defense have?

Defensive play cannot be passive. You have to actively respond to the attacks carried out by the opposing team. It is important to have the right level of player training. Great emphasis should be placed on efficient communication within the team between individual players, so that they can automatically act as one organism. Effective defense will be an opportunity to carry out an efficient action and score a point, which can give an advantage to win the entire match.

Defending the thrower’s hand

topic: Elements of defense in indoor handball – blocking the thrower’s hand. Course-conference June 2017 Grodków. Instructor Rafał Kuptel. Practitioners – the staff of the Opolskie Voivodeship

Published by Opole Handball Association Saturday, June 24, 2017

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