Why is individual soccer training so important?

Why is individual soccer training so important?
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If your dream is to become a professional footballer, you’ve come to the right place. Today, we’re going to show you some of the steps that Leo Messi and Robert Lewandowski, among others, have taken to get clubs to compete for them.

Football icons like Ronaldinho, Maradona, Deyna – they all have one thing in common: skill. No one gave them that skill, they all had to work hard for their success. The climb to the top has never been easy for anyone.

Lonely training – not only for individuals

Not everyone is born and raised in big cities and has great football clubs and gyms at their fingertips. Even people from big cities do not have guaranteed success because there are dozens, if not hundreds of passionate young people per club. Most, however, live big dreams, limiting themselves to the necessary minimum. The matter is simple: You have to work much more than the rest.

If you feel that standard trainings do not give you enough results, it is high time to take care of individual training. It’s a good idea to find the right trainer to start with. Individual training with a teacher gives a basic advantage: all concentration is focused on one person. This way a specialist can easily see the flaws that need to be worked on. Without a reliable external opinion you will only repeat the same mistakes over and over again.

What is personal training?

Most training in clubs is relatively infrequent. Sometimes it’s twice a week, sometimes just once. This form of training will not bring enough skill improvement, so you should focus on individual training.

Such training is not just running on the field after the ball. A good coach will be able to intensify our exercises on every field. Exercises can take place in a gym or in a swimming pool. It is also worth doing mental trainings, which improve concentration.

Diet also plays an important role. A good athlete must have a balanced diet that will allow the body to withstand such a large effort. Fortitude, persistence, discipline – these are also elements of individual training.

It’s not that simple ‼️

An ordinary person from his point of view usually looks only at the result of an outstanding athlete.

He pays no attention to the process that brought him to that point.

I always point out to my young charges that only systematic effort will bring the expected ⬆️ PROGRESS ⬆️

How important is regular training and what sport has to do with achieving great results in other fields, you will learn from the conversation ?

Dr. Mateusz Grzesiak on the podcast Elite Mentality by Cyprian Majcher

I recommend ?

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Ask your coach for a few more hours

If you have the opportunity, go to the coach after the training and ask him for a few more hours of practice before or after the next meeting. Many soccer players have said that things they had trouble with or wanted to specialize in, they just practiced during extra workouts. For example, they practiced two hours before a standard workout.

Focus training on your unique skills and improve the weakest ones. With fantastic defense, creating numerous and good actions in the opponent’s penalty area, making fantastic free kicks, or even with phenomenal 1-on-1 tricks (although risky) you can get noticed by those looking for young talent.

Group training

Individual training can, of course, involve group play. For example: instead of getting the whole team together to play a match in which you stand in an attacking or defensive position; instead of taking one person and practicing penalty shots; get a group together to play out the action.

By the way, remember that not only muscles work on the field, but also the brain. It is worthwhile for a defender to also learn how to play in the attacking position, so he can understand the thinking of his opponents.

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