What should supplementation look like when training crossfit?

What should supplementation look like when training crossfit?
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Crossfit is a strength and conditioning training program based on the growth of 10 key strength capabilities. Exercises are designed to develop strength and strengthen muscles. What kind of supplementation is recommended for this type of activity?

Supplementation and crossfit – the most important information

Crossfit is a general training system, which is ideal for people who want to reduce body fat, develop muscle, increase exercise capacity and improve fitness. What sets it apart is its high intensity and endurance/speed character.

What supplementation will work best for crossfit? It is necessary to take into account, among other things, the state of the exercising body, its individual energy needs, current diet and goals. Since in this type of training we are very often dealing with a variable pace, the key issues will be the recovery, adaptation and energetics of a particular body. Crossfit exercises engage a large number of muscle groups at high intensity.

This makes them able to quickly deplete accumulated reserves of glycogen, or energy reserves. It is also worth mentioning that this type of training is extremely exhausting for the whole body and the nervous system, which may later negatively affect the hormonal economy and the mechanism of psychophysical regeneration, worsening the achieved results.

Good supplements for the crossfit enthusiast

What kind of supplements should a person who wants to start his adventure with crossfit get? One of them is creatine. The action of this compound is closely connected with the cellular energy carrier ATP. It is worth realizing that energy is necessary for any process.

In the case of muscle work, we are dealing with detaching a phosphate moiety from ATP, which results in ADP. The effect of breaking the high-energy bond is the release of energy, which then powers the muscles. ATP produced in mitochondria needs a cellular transporter to be able to perform its role properly. This is where creatine comes to the rescue, as it is able to absorb and attach phosphate residues, resulting in the formation of phosphocreatine.

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What types of effects associated with creatine supplementation are most desirable in crossfit training? These include ATP resynthesis, anti-catabolic effects, and an overall increase in physical performance.

Every person training crossfit should take care of the proper functioning of their body. For this purpose, probiotic preparations are ideal. In a direct way they translate into improving the work of the digestive and immune systems. The effect – improved training results and condition.

Crossfit enthusiasts should also take B vitamins, which are responsible for improving internal processes, reducing the effects of stress and improving mental and anabolic functions.

Other important vitamins to take are D3 + K2. This combination of vitamins plays a particularly important role when it comes to maintaining the condition of the musculoskeletal system, especially muscles and bones. Vitamin D3 is responsible for regulating calcium and phosphate metabolism and has a significant impact on some anabolic hormones. Vitamin K2 combines perfectly with the action of vitamin D3, protecting it. It stimulates the production of testosterone, and reduces processes that lead to excessive production of elements that are inflammatory factors. Vitamins D3 + K2 are best combined with vitamin A in the form of retinol.

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