Types of rods – how to choose the right rod for the fishing method?

Types of rods – how to choose the right rod for the fishing method?
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Successful fishing starts with good equipment. Choosing the right fishing rod is the most difficult task. So that you don’t waste your time, we have compiled a list of fishing rods that will work best depending on your circumstances.

Before buying a fishing rod, you need to determine a few factors that will help you decide which fishing equipment to ultimately choose. Consider therefore:
– the fishing method you intend to use;
– The type of fishing ground you intend to choose (river, lake, pond, etc.);
– the funds you want to allocate (fishing equipment can cost from several dozen to even several hundred zlotys).

In this article, we suggest what type of fishing rods you should buy, taking the first two factors into account.

Float rods

This is a type of rod that is characterized by considerable length, but it is not recommended to put on too heavy lures. Float rods can be divided into:
Bologna – length from 4 to 9 m. Designed for the Bologna method, which means catching larger fish. To use it, you need to prepare a long rod with a float and a heavy set. There are two methods of casting: from behind the back (long cast suitable for wider bodies of water) and from under oneself (short cast, close to the bank). The pole should be tilted and lifted to encourage the fish to take the bait. Before fishing, bait should be thrown.
Match rods – for the distance method (length of about four meters). Ideal for ponds, lakes and rivers;


Equipment for professionals, often used in competitions. These expensive rods (their price can reach even several thousand zlotys) are built from a dozen or so elements, and their length is a dozen meters. The line is attached to the tip of the top – its size depends on it. It will work well for coastal fishing, just because of its length, but this should not discourage anyone. Its advantage is precise grounding of the fishery, which will surely pay off. If we choose this option, it would be good to get a few pole tops.


This is a kind of telescopic rods without a reel. Therefore the tip determines our range. We tie a line to the whip. They can be from two to ten meters long. They are therefore used for coastal fishing. Our ancestors used rods without reels to catch breams and roaches for decades. The float method works best here.

Spinning rods

In principle, spinning rods work well in many circumstances. These rods are made up of several parts. Their tips have the right strength and flexibility. That is why spinning rods are most often used to catch large, predatory fish (trout, pike). The method involves casting an artificial lure. Among this type of rods there are further subtypes, such as
– ultralight – lure weight up to 15 grams;
– light – up to 30 grams;
– medium – up to 50 grams;
– heavy – above 50 grams.

These rods are suitable for fishing from the shore and other locations. Spinning rods, however, do not impress with their length, which varies around 2-2.5 meters. When using it, we should therefore avoid coastal weeds (rushes).

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Ground fishing rods

A very popular and simple type of fishing. These rods have a casting weight of 80 to 120 grams. It fits both for calm waters and for those with stronger current. They have reel seats, are telescopic and are made up of several parts. Groundbaits range in size from two to four meters. You should also choose a suitable reel, line and a rod stand with a buzzer (you can get a set of these two parts at the store). They will work perfectly for catching the much-loved carp.

Sea rods

Designed for sea fishing. They can’t boast of much length, as they reach from 2 to 4 meters. The most important thing here is the casting weight, the most appropriate weight is from 120 to 250 grams.

Ice rods

Another type of fishing rods are rods for fishing on ice, of course, only in suitable places, such as from a pier, boat, in a safe gap. Basically, they are very similar to other, typical types of rods, except that they are short (about half a meter) and the price is not very high. You can purchase a rod equipped with electric tips to encourage fish to take.

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