How to choose the best fishing line for my method of fishing?

How to choose the best fishing line for my method of fishing?
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Anyone who fishes, even recreationally, has probably experienced a situation where time and time again, the catch has come off their rod. Has this happened to you and you wonder what you are doing wrong? Sometimes it is not your fault, or a bad hook, but the line that was in poor quality. Some anglers are in the habit of fishing line and at the same time put down a new one, but does it make sense? You can find the answer in the article below!

How to choose a monofilament line for my fishing method?

Manufacturers divide fishing lines into different types, among others according to their behavior in water. There are sinking and floating lines. The latter will work well with the bologna method, as well as when you want to feed the lure on the water surface. Sinking lines, on the other hand, are more popular because the ground fishing method is practiced more often. Sometimes, however, it happens that you spend money on a sinking line and it does not go under the water, but stays on its surface. What to do in such case? It is enough to use an old trick well known to many anglers – you should grease the line with dishwashing liquid or preparation designed for their preservation.

Fishing lines differ in their ability to stretch. The ones that are more stretchy also cause more problems while striking the fish at a distance. They are recommended especially for beginners, because they forgive mistakes and compensate for technical shortcomings. For spinning fishing, it is much better to use a line with low stretch. Every angler also cares about the line’s durability. That is why it is worth to pay attention to fluocarbons when buying. Their feature is that they are practically invisible in water, so they are perfect for leaders when catching shy fish.

Color of the line – does it matter?

As we have noticed many times, there are different colors of monofilaments offered by manufacturers. What does it depend on? Such a wide range of colors is dictated by the fact that every water has a different color. If we choose the right color of the line, it will become less visible for the fish, so we increase our chances for successful fishing. We should avoid shiny lines, which can scare the fish away by being clearly visible. Bright lines are not a fancy of manufacturers. Just imagine spinning fishing, where the water has quite a fast and strong current. It is difficult to see the line and catch a bite. Therefore, red or green models, which are highly visible, will be an ideal solution for such fishing trips.

What should I pay attention to when buying a monofilament line?

We already know how to choose a fishing line more or less, but there are a few other aspects to mention as well. When you go shopping, you may feel a bit confused when you see a sizable range of different types of fishing lines, each with a different color, name and parameters. You’ll probably be tempted by the cheaper ones, but they’re not recommended because they have good memory and that’s not an advantage at all. After unrolling from the spool they are not straight. In addition, there are copies that have different thicknesses at different sections, which also affects their strength.

Even if you spend less, after a short time you will still be forced to buy a new line. The question is whether you will be able to raise enough funds by then to be able to opt for a more expensive model, or if you will be forced to buy a budget line again. Of course, the point here is not to talk anyone into spending money, but we strongly recommend that you aim for moderately priced products. As in the case of many other things, basing on price alone has nothing to do with quality and sooner or later you will find out about it. It’s better to invest once and invest well!

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