Tennis primer – learning forhand for beginners

Tennis primer – learning forhand for beginners
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Two basic strokes that every beginner tennis player must master to perfection are the forhand and backhand. Today we will look at the forhand.

The game of tennis – some basic information

Tennis as we know it today is a game with over a hundred years of tradition. The country of its origin is Great Britain. Initially it was there that it gained enormous popularity among representatives of the upper classes of society. It was considered an entertainment for the elite. Relatively quickly, however, it gained popularity throughout the world and became available to everyone, although even today, to train professionally, you need to have a considerable financial contribution, at least until you find sponsors. Training at the amateur level is more accessible.

Rules of the game of tennis

A tennis match consists of sets. It is played until one player wins two (or three) sets. A set is won by the player who wins more games. Games are made up of points. The scoring theory looks quite complicated, but is relatively easy to learn. Tennis matches are played on courts with different surfaces. A player must be sturdy, his strength and precision of strokes also counts. A distinction is made between a forend and a backhand. A forhand is when the ball is hit from the right side with the racket held in the right hand (and similarly, from the left side when the racket is held in the player’s left hand). The backhand, on the other hand, is when you hit the ball with the other side of the racket – the side where the back of your hand is.

How to play the forend correctly – a few steps

At the outset, it should be noted that even the best acquaintance with the theory of the tennis game may not have any effect on the behavior of the player on the court, if the practice fails. To be able to boast of a beautiful forhend, there is no other way, but to practice fiercely and persistently, preferably under the guidance of a coach with experience. It is worth taking care of the right playing technique from the first contact with a tennis racket. Improper habits, which are remembered at the beginning of your adventure with tennis, may persist for years.

What does a forend look like?

1. You wait for your opponent to move. Your legs are slightly bent at the knees and your hands rest firmly on the shaft of the racket. You are watching the ball closely and you already know that the best response to the attack will be a strong forhend. To properly prepare to receive the ball, turn your feet at an angle of about 45 degrees to the right (provided you are right-handed) and shift your body weight to the dominant side. Don’t forget to twist your torso – all movements are done to the right.

2. It’s time to walk the racket backwards. It will be easier to maintain the correct balance of the body if the left hand is extended forward.

3.Swing – This is the power with which you hit the incoming ball. Bet on strength and precision. This combination should determine your success. Move your left leg gently forward and to the side, shifting your body weight to this leg at the same time. At the same time, lower the racket and prepare to finish the stroke.

4. The final phase of the stroke is to continue to run your hand behind the ball and carry it over your left shoulder.

That’s it – doesn’t the forhand seem simple in theory? However, you have a long way to go before you are perfect. In the beginning you may have difficulties with the technique of hitting the ball, as well as with the condition. Tennis is a very demanding sport. So it’s worth including in your training plan exercises of a general development character, which will allow you to strengthen different parts of the body.

Training under the supervision of a professional

Nothing can replace learning to play on a court. If you want to start your adventure with tennis, decide to take lessons with an instructor. You can make an appointment for single lessons or buy a package of lessons. The latter option is usually much cheaper. Are you ready for an exciting adventure? Find a tennis school in your area!

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