Receiving kills in volleyball – how to effectively improve this element of the game?

Receiving kills in volleyball – how to effectively improve this element of the game?
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One mistake in the reception of the play can determine the loss of the match. It is therefore worth constantly improving your volleyball technique. We suggest which elements to keep in mind!

Volleyball match – what elements does it consist of?

About the popularity of volleyball in our country does not need to convince anyone. In the rankings of popularity of this sport is very high, overtaken only by football and seasonally – ski jumping. Many fans are delighted with the game of Polish male and female volleyball players in front of their TV sets, and the biggest emotions are stirred up by the highest stakes matches. Our national teams have so far won, among others, gold at the Olympics or in the World Championships.

Volleyball match is won by the team that first collects three sets won. A set can be won with 25 points, provided that the opposing team has two points less. There are several ways to score points. In a volleyball match, both effective offense and defense are important. One of the elements that players should pay special attention to is perfecting the technique of reception of the play.

What is it?

Before we move on to talk about kickoff return techniques and how they can be improved, we need to explain what kickoff return is. It is the player who first receives the ball on his side of the court after the opponent’s serve. If a serve is taken in the wrong way, it very often ends up in a point for the serving team. The player who takes the serve should do it in such a way that it does not block the further play and attack.

How can a serve be taken?

The ball usually rushes very fast after the service. It is important for the proper reception of the ball that the player has the right posture. It is important to note that the players often have a limited field of vision, so they should be constantly alert at the highest level. In volleyball, it is possible to play with the down play and the up play.

The lower way is perfect for strong serves, but remember that if you position your body wrongly, all your efforts will be wasted. Do you want to improve your reception with this method? Concentrate on standing slightly apart and keeping your feet low.

Upper serve – this is the second technique available for serving the ball to the opposing player. If the ball is rushing at you like crazy, don’t go for the upper serve; at best you will bruise your fingers badly and at worst they will be broken. Only serve up when the ball has been played lightly. Be careful not to make a mistake!

?? Philippe Blain – Reception in volleyball

A good reception is first of all about observation, then movement….

Published by Technical side of volleyball Monday, August 3, 2020

How to improve the technique of receiving the play?

It is no secret that you can become a master only if you train enough. However, remember about the correct technique. Repeating mistakes in your posture when accepting the play of the opponent will certainly not translate into your sports progress. Train under an experienced mentor who will know how to effectively influence your way of playing. Repeat the exercises until you get bored, and eventually you will see progress.

What should I do if I don’t get the ball right?

First of all, don’t worry. You are not the only member of the team. Team play is the measure of success. Yes, there are times when one mistake can be the deciding factor in a game. However, mistakes happen even to the best players. Practice, train, and don’t forget about proper diet, and you will see athletic progress week after week.

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