Reflection in volleyball – correct technique and improvement exercises

Reflection in volleyball – correct technique and improvement exercises
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Mastering the fundamentals of volleyball requires regular practice. Once this stage is behind you, you will begin to shine on the court. In this article you will learn how to develop the best possible upper body kick.

In Poland, volleyball is no less popular than soccer, and the success of the national team fills with pride. It’s no wonder that almost every sports ground has a volleyball court in addition to a soccer one. In order to feel comfortable on it, it is necessary to learn the basics: service and top and bottom kick. The best way to learn is to start with overhead bounce, which familiarizes you with the ball and introduces you to what volleyball actually is.

Much will depend on the type of training: individual or group. Depending on this will be different exercises.

Absolute basics we are able to assimilate alone. To this end, it is worth at the beginning to do a short warm-up: jumping jacks, wrist turns, squats, stretching and so on. Now we can move on to exercises.

Individual exercises

Bounces on the wall

Variant I
Position yourself in front of the wall and simply try to bounce the ball. It is important to maintain proper alignment and technique in doing so. The posture should look as follows: legs gently bent in a slight straddle, feet at shoulder width. The torso is slightly bent and the back straight. Your arms should be bent at the elbow, fingers spread out, forming a “basket” shape, thumbs facing each other. Keep the hands at chest height. When the ball is kicked, straighten the knees and bend them again when receiving the ball. This is done over and over again until bouncing off a wall is no longer a problem.

Preparing for variation II
Stand at the end of the court and slowly move towards the net, constantly bouncing the ball over your head. Next, we go backwards, all the time performing the ball boosts.

Variant II
In this case, we are dealing with a sequence of movements.
1. Approaching the net, the player raises the ball above his head.
2. When we are close to the net, we punch the ball to the other side.
3. We go under the net and bounce the ball against the wall in such a way that the ball flies slightly higher on the bounce, giving us time to position ourselves with our backs to the wall. When it falls, punch it back behind the net (the flight of the ball in this part of the exercise should resemble a right-angled triangle, and then punch it in an arc).

Hit the field

Several balls will come in handy for this exercise. We position ourselves on one side of the field, and on the other side we mark different places where we will aim. And one by one, from different positions on our side of the net, we try to penetrate and hit the designated field. This exercise can be used as a small competition between students – whoever gains the most points is the best “shooter”.

Group exercises

Reflections with change of places

Pairs of people stand in front of each other. One person stands in the same place. The other person, after each reception, will move a little to the right and a little to the left. This is how we exchange the ball with the help of the upper way kick.

Reflections over the net

The most classic exercise at the end. Although it seems to be the simplest, it is not. Previous exercises were to prepare you for this “sparring”. You stand in pairs on opposite sides of the net and pass to each other. Whoever makes the first bad reception or incorrect pass – loses.

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