These exercises at home do wonders!

These exercises at home do wonders!
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We always find plenty of reasons to lose weight – a friend’s birthday, a wedding, a vacation, New Year’s Eve. Motivation is high at first, we want to finally sculpt our figure and show off the figure of our dreams. To achieve this, proper training is essential.

Gyms and fitness clubs are very popular nowadays, which can also be seen by the number of people who visit these places. This is the ideal place where it is easiest to do a decent and effective workout, but you can also exercise at home. You should know that all you need for a good workout is willingness and commitment, and patience. Training at home can be as effective and enjoyable as in a gym or fitness club.

Training at home can be done at any time of day or night – it all depends on individual preferences. Whether you have professional equipment or just a mat and your own body weight, the figure of your dreams can be achieved in any conditions. Exercises with Youtube or phone applications are becoming more and more popular. Many of them can be done at home. It is a very good way to mobilize yourself to train and achieve your dream silhouette

5 best exercises to train at home

For ready-made workouts, you should add these 5 iconic exercises that always give phenomenal results. You can also prepare a training plan yourself, as a circuit training, that is, repeating exercises one after another in 4 or 5 series.

1. Plank, or plank

One of the most hated and demanding exercises, but with regular training it gives visible results. This exercise involves all major muscle groups – abdominal muscles, anterior shoulder, triceps and gluteus maximus. At first, this exercise seems terribly difficult, so it’s best to start with 15-20 seconds, gradually increasing this time up to 2 minutes. The technical aspects of this position are important, so remember to stay focused with this exercise, tighten your abdomen, make sure you have a straight back and rounded shoulder blades

2. Burpees, or kangaroo jumps

Another very demanding exercise, but giving fantastic results and stimulating the whole body to work. Often this exercise is also referred to as the fall-up. It involves the thigh muscles, chest, arms and abdominal muscles. Burpees in addition to engaging large muscle groups also raise the heart rate to a level that affects the better and faster burning of body fat. Kangaroo is an exercise that combines the advantages of strength and aerobic training, so two in one.

3. Squats

Ideal exercise for the muscles of the buttocks and thighs. You can do them in any place, and well and regularly performed, will give the expected results. It should be remembered, however, that as with all exercises, the most important is the technique and you should take care of the correct execution. The squat can not be too shallow, so that it engages the gluteal muscles strongly enough. For many years there has been a theory that the knees should not go beyond the line of the toes when performing squats. This is a myth!

4. Push-ups

Strength exercise using your own body weight, which is mainly associated with training men, but nothing more misleading. This exercise is a great addition to your workout plan because it produces visible results and engages multiple muscle parts. Initially, you can do push-ups for women until you gain strength and practice. Push-ups affect the muscles of the arms, chest and back.

5. Push-ups

This is one of the best and easy exercises to do. It is an aerobic exercise, which additionally engages various muscle parts to work – shoulder muscles, gluteus muscles, legs or back. It speeds up your pulse rate, which leads to faster fat burning. Intense bouncing during the exercise is a good way to burn quite a number of calories

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