Gyms in a pandemic – do you need to be prepared for restrictions?

Gyms in a pandemic – do you need to be prepared for restrictions?
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Is the government planning to close gyms or impose restrictions? We answer the most important questions!

Will the gyms be closed?

So far no official information has come out about the possible closure of fitness facilities. Also, there is no indication on the government’s website that such a process might take place

Should restrictions be expected?

Minister Niedzielski stated at a recent conference that new restrictions will be in effect from December 1 to 17 inclusive. They will apply to gyms, among others. In these facilities a new limit of 1 person per 15 sq m will be introduced

Will there be restrictions on sports events?

In connection with the next wave of illnesses, the Ministry of Health has announced that from December 15 new restrictions will be introduced, which will apply to sports events. The previous limit of participants from 50% of the maximum number of people who could take part is being reduced to 30%. This could be an important tip for anyone who would like to participate in sports events like Runmageddon in the future.

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