Tennis without secrets: how to perfect the forhend stroke?

Tennis without secrets: how to perfect the forhend stroke?
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Is attack your strong point? It’s high time for you to start improving your forhend. Choose regular training and you will improve the dynamics of your stroke. We suggest how to train your forhand, so that your opponent has problems with bouncing the ball.

Forhend or backhand?

A good player will be able to effectively operate both forhend and backhand. When you are at the beginning of learning, focus on the simplest aspects. Practice the basics to build a solid base

However, let’s start at the beginning. The forend and backhand are the two strokes used when bouncing the ball during a game of tennis

  • Theforhend – is the stroke that can most often be performed while holding the racket in one hand, although there are players who prefer a two-handed forhend. Depending on whether the tennis player is left- or right-handed, the stroke is performed from the right or the left side.
  • Bekhend – is a stroke during which the ball is deflected with the outside of the racket, and the back of the player’s hand follows the direction of impact.

There is a belief among people connected with tennis that hitting from the forend is very natural. It is much easier for beginners to hit the ball with a forend than with a backhand. Therefore, it is easier for beginners to hit the ball from the forend than from the backhand

Should I train on my own or with a coach?

The answer to this question will depend on your expectations and plans for the future of tennis. If you see tennis as a leisure activity or a way to reduce stress and have no plans of playing in tournaments, you can develop your skills on your own. However, you will achieve much better results when you practice under the supervision of a coach

Why should you improve your forhand stroke?

If you focus on your forhand stroke during training, you will systematically build up your basic playing technique. In this way you will eliminate mistakes which negatively influence the dynamics of the game. Over time, you will see that your tennis skills have improved significantly and you will be able to beat on the court opponents with whom you had no chance before.

How do I improve my forhand stroke?

It’s no revelation to say that only regular practice can bring you results. The more time and effort you put into honing your skills, the harder it will be for your opponent to figure out your weaknesses. Playing technique is very important. If you practice regularly, you will not have to think about how to hit the ball correctly. Your body will remember the sequence of consecutive movements. This will allow you to focus on other elements of the game.

When practicing your forhand stroke, you need to focus on all aspects of the stroke. Start by verifying that you are holding the racket in the correct way. If you want a more dynamic stroke, then opt for the traditional eastern grip. Also, pay attention to your posture at impact. Your feet should be shoulder-width apart, depending on the position you choose for your forhand stroke. Also important is the correct twist of the trunk and the smooth finish of the stroke.

Training scenarios need to be adjusted to your level of proficiency. Just beginning your adventure with tennis? Ask a more experienced player, and preferably a coach, to help you put together a training plan, the main element of which will be practicing the forhend stroke

Do you have more experience on the tennis court? If so, you may opt for a workout where you do more difficult exercises. Make sure you play with a partner who is better than you or is at least at the same level of experience. This way you will be able to count on training progression.

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