Equipment and accessories needed to play beach volleyball

Equipment and accessories needed to play beach volleyball
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Volleyball is not only an indoor sport – a match can also be played on the beach. What equipment do you need for this? You can read about it in today’s article!

Beach volleyball – a popular sport among beach lovers

Can’t imagine having a good vacation without being able to lie on a sandy beach? That’s great! We have a sports proposal for you. When you are tired of lying on the beach you can try some physical activity. If you’ve always associated volleyball with indoor sports, it’s time to change your mind. Play a match with your friends on a sandy beach and find out how special this sport is!

Where to play beach volleyball?

Do you live in the south of Poland and you visit the sea sporadically? Don’t look for excuses! You can play a match of beach volleyball anywhere you can find some sand. It can be a beach by the lake or a sandy area in the park. Remember to properly prepare the court and to assemble a team and the necessary equipment.

What do I need to play beach volleyball?

First of all you need to have good intentions. If you like to spend your free time actively, beach volleyball will be the perfect sport for you. It has the advantage over indoor volleyball that four people are enough to play a match. Two teams of two people each – you will surely be able to complete such a team.

How to prepare a court for beach volleyball?

You do not need a professional beach volleyball court. You can easily set up a beach volleyball court on your own. Start by finding a sandy area. Then mark out a rectangle measuring 16 x 8 meters and you are done! Don’t forget the net, of course.

There is one more very important thing. Before you can enjoy a game of beach volleyball, you have to clean the area of the court from all the objects that can pose a danger to the players. On the beaches (not only in our country) it is easy to find trash – bottle caps or fragments of cans. If you step on such an item with your bare feet, it will be an extremely painful experience.

What kind of playing equipment will you need?

However, the pitch is not everything – you need something to play on. If you are planning to organize a beach volleyball tournament, make sure you have the right ball. If you don’t have a volleyball with you, you can use a regular volleyball, but it will be more difficult to play because it has a higher pressure. It also absorbs water, so be careful not to let it fall into the lake or sea.

The next thing is a net to play with. You can get one at almost any sporting goods store. Also get the posts between which you can hang the net. All the elements are made of lightweight materials. Transporting them should not be a problem. You can make the outline of the pitch with a stick, but this solution is thoroughly makeshift. Do you want to go a bit more professional? Use special tape to line up your playground.

Complete PRO set for beach volleyball

– aluminum posts with infinitely adjustable net height, made of plastic…

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How to prepare for a game of beach volleyball?

You don’t have to prepare in any special way for a game on the sand. Don’t forget about a comfortable outfit that won’t restrict your movements and a solid warm-up. Thanks to it you will prepare your body for intensive effort during the game. Take care of the overall good condition of your body. If you decide to play volleyball on the beach and you haven’t moved in months, even the slightest physical activity may result in an injury.

Why play beach volleyball?

There are many reasons. If you love outdoor activities, then you certainly do not need to be convinced to make any effort. Remember that even a moment of playing beach volleyball is a great way to get your body oxygenated. However, avoid playing in the heat – too much heat and exposure to sunlight can lead to stroke or dehydration. Take care of your safety first and foremost.

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