Professional goalkeeper training from the inside out – exercises to improve your defensive technique

Professional goalkeeper training from the inside out – exercises to improve your defensive technique
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Guides to becoming a soccer player are plentiful. However, not many tell you how to be a good goalkeeper. From this text you will learn about the most important training methods! Ready?

Most guidebooks focus on footballers in the field, especially “how to be a good striker?”. However, it is worthwhile to see to it that the one who defends the goals is even more effective than the shooter. His role, while perhaps not very appreciated in the world – the greatest soccer players are always strikers – is invaluable on the field itself, because every team dreams of having the best among goalkeepers. That’s why so many teams were fighting over Gianluigi Donnarumma, although the media didn’t trumpet it as they did with Messi or Lewandowski’s transfer. Nevertheless, every valued club wanted Donnarumma in their side. 

Traits of a good goalkeeper

As a defender, you need to excel on the pitch with many qualities:

  • speed,
  • reflexes, 
  • precision,
  • strength,
  • decisiveness,
  • anticipation of opponent’s movements, 
  • not counting on luck,
  • loud voice.

The sensational Polish goalkeeper Wojciech Szczesny has repeatedly said that you can forget about luck. It favors the attackers. Moreover, if the striker is not lucky, at most he will not score a goal. If you, on the other hand, are unlucky, you will lose a goal, and perhaps this will decide the fate of the match. 

You need to know that the goalkeeper has as many as three defenders. Your job is to make sure that one of them does not suddenly dream of changing position. When the situation calls for it, you yourself can go out to attack – history knows such cases in the final phase of the match. However, most of the time you must efficiently control your teammates to secure the goal. If you are left alone against two attackers, you probably won’t be able to defend the shot. Therefore, you need to be decisive and practice loudness of voice. 

The rest of the attributes like strength, speed, precision, reflexes are obvious issues. But you must also remember how important it is to anticipate the opponent’s movements. A goalkeeper, like a coach, must be somewhat like a chess player on the field. Anticipate what might happen, and then react quickly – rally the team or send them on the attack, as they are about to make a powerful kick at the rival goal.

What should a good goalkeeper training session look like?

The swimming pool is especially recommended in this case, which strengthens strength and improves fitness. Before each workout, however, don’t forget to do some solid stretching! 


It is necessary to focus also on the issue of reflexes. For this, it will be a good idea to supply yourself with some tennis balls and a companion with whom you can flip. 


You can’t be a goalie without one-on-one training. Find someone who can practice with you. Verify your positioning, try to pick out shots, have a friend throw you balls in the least expected places in the goal. 

If you find a larger group of people willing to do so, you can also practice so-called actions. 

Holistic training

The training should consist of a series of exercises: defending the goal, running, juggling the ball, practicing passes, kicking, kicking the ball out, diving, defending penalties, etc. Focus primarily on reflexes: catching the ball quickly.

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