7 Adventure Tools and Equipment You Need for Your Next Excursion

7 Adventure Tools and Equipment You Need for Your Next Excursion
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How many times have you prepared to go on an outdoor excursion only to find that you’re missing something crucial? It’s hard to be fully prepared when you don’t know exactly what kind of experience you’ll be facing and how your tools will handle it. The next time you set out on an adventure, make sure you pack these seven important adventure tools and equipment so that you can have fun and stay safe in the outdoors.

1) A backpack

Backpacks are an essential piece of adventure gear. They’re great for trips that involve a lot of walking, whether you’re trekking across a city or taking on a full day of sightseeing. Not only do they carry all your essentials in one convenient place, but backpacks are fashionable too – so they double as casual wear once you leave your destination.

2) Camping tent

When you’re camping, you don’t want to wake up in a puddle of your own sweat. That’s why experts recommend choosing a tent with a rainfly; you can stay dry even in wet weather. A four-season tent is also advisable if you plan on camping out at different times of the year. When shopping, be sure to consider durability as well – you don’t want your entire excursion ruined because your tent ripped right away.

3) A sleeping bag

In some cases, a tent may not be feasible to bring on your excursion. If that’s the case, make sure you have a good sleeping bag. There are tons of options out there but go with something lightweight (no more than 3 pounds) that’s designed to keep you warm. And if you’re camping in cold weather, don’t forget an insulated sleeping pad.

4) Camping stove

A camping stove is your key to a hot meal when you’re out in nature. Choose a multi-fuel model, which uses liquid fuel canisters. This means you won’t have to worry about running out of propane (which is what most camp stoves use). If you find yourself without fuel, look around for twigs or even animal dung; both are great at starting fires. Look for a portable stove with multiple burners if you need more than one burner at a time.

5) A headlamp

One of your hands is sure to be holding a flashlight. What’s more, flashlights are bulky, don’t last all that long on a charge, and eat batteries like it’s nobody’s business. This adventure equipment keeps both of your hands free to perform whatever tasks you have at hand – hunting in an emergency or building a shelter. 

6) Camping Compass

A basic but indispensable piece of adventure gear, a compass helps you determine your precise location as well as head in any direction you want. In addition to traditional navigation, it also helps while at sea – and gives you something fun to play with while hiking through a remote area. A reliable compass can be a literal lifesaver when out in nature.

7) First aid kit

No matter what adventure you’re embarking on, a first aid kit is an essential piece of equipment. If someone gets hurt or sick on your trip, a basic first aid kit can prove lifesaving.  Each item should be clearly labelled with instructions on how to use it It should include things like special gloves (to avoid contamination) and antiseptic wipes. And don’t forget about insect repellent! Mosquitoes are a real problem in many parts of the world, so make sure you pack plenty of bug spray. Also, remember to bring along any prescription medications that might be necessary during your excursion.

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