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The right sports shoes allow you to maintain high comfort of the game. When choosing the right shoes for soccer, it is worth considering the surface they are designed for.

Different models of soccer boots

You don’t have to be a sports expert to realize that nowadays even buying training shoes can be a challenge. A dozen or so years ago, the choice was much more limited. Today, manufacturers delight in modern solutions, all for the comfort of the athletes. Looking at the available models of soccer shoes, you can easily realize that a model is not the same as a model. Manufacturers of sports shoes put a variety of markings on the packaging, which can be quite a problem for a layman.

What is the division of footwear?

A person who is oriented in the world of sports, realizes that in traffic jams in the hall would be uncomfortable to play. You can conclude from this that different shoes are for indoor play, and others on the field (especially the grassy one) under the cloud. However, it turns out that there are many more choices. For almost every surface, technology has been developed, which allows for maximum comfort of the game.

What do the abbreviations on soccer shoes mean?

It’s a good idea to familiarize yourself with the meaning of these abbreviations. This will make it much easier for you to choose the optimum shoe for your specific conditions.

FG – shoes with this symbol are mainly dedicated to playing on grass pitches. They provide full comfort if the ground is not too muddy. They are not the best for playing on very compacted surfaces.

HG – these are lanky shoes (similar to FG) also designed for grass pitches but with the difference that they provide maximum comfort when the ground is very compact. They are not suitable for use on grassy surfaces.

IC/IN/ID – these shoes are designed for indoor surfaces such as rubber, parquet or rubber.

SG – these shoes are suitable for all surfaces where the playing surface is quite wet.

AG – shoes perfect for artificial turf.

TF/TT – traditional turf; if you play on the grass, this will be the best choice.

What to keep in mind when choosing soccer shoes?

If you’re an avid soccer player, there’s definitely room in your closet for more than one pair of shoes. Sports shoes should be optimally matched to the type of surface; only then will they ensure comfort and safety during the game. You can find out which shoes are right for you by marking them. You should also make sure that the shoes are comfortable. The different models of soccer shoes vary in shape. Try them on, pick and choose until you find one that fits your foot perfectly!

How much do I pay for soccer shoes?

Shoes to play football is the expense of at least several dozen zloty. Everything depends on the type and manufacturer. It is worth looking for promotional offers, but focusing only on the low price can cause later disappointment. Have you been training for a long time? You’ve probably realized more than once that the cheapest available pair of shoes is not a good solution. After just a few practices, they’ll be fit only for basketball.

Look for a shoe that will provide you with maximum comfort during the game and at the same time be affordable. It is worth spending some time on the search; the result can be surprising. Online shopping can be a big help. Choose the shoes, order them, and if they do not fit, you can always return them. Remember, however, to take into account the time needed for delivery.

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Published by Zgoda FC Wednesday, 16 September 2020

If you have a match in two days and the previous pair of shoes fell apart, don’t take the risk – go shopping at a nearby sports store. Talking to a salesperson about your expectations for soccer shoes will help you make the best decision! Don’t be afraid to ask questions – those who are looking for answers will surely find them, and the best pair of shoes under the sun will settle in your closet.

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