What vitamins are most recommended for athletes?

What vitamins are most recommended for athletes?
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Regular and frequent visits to the gym are a big challenge for the whole body of a person exercising. One of the most important things that athletes (both amateurs and professionals) have to take care of is a well-composed diet. It is primarily about providing the body with all the vitamins and minerals needed for proper functioning. Their direct task is the proper regeneration of muscles, as well as their faster development. In this text we will focus on the most important vitamins for athletes.

Beneficial effects of supplements designed for athletes

The market now offers a relatively large number of supplements and nutritional supplements designed specifically for people who practice strength sports (an interesting online offer is available at Świat Supli). One of the important benefits (apart from stimulating muscles to faster growth) that arise from taking such preparations is the improvement of the immune system, which reduces the risk of infection, usually occurring when the body is under heavy strain.

Everyone who trains intensively has a significantly higher demand for most nutrients – especially protein, carbohydrates and the aforementioned vitamins and minerals.

A large number of exercisers turn to special supplements – vitamins for athletes – to supplement the resulting deficiencies. As a rule, this helps to maintain good health and proper performance. It is worth getting to know the offer of stores with vitamins for athletes.

What vitamins and minerals for active people – vitamin complex for athletes

B vitamins

B vitamins have a beneficial effect on the metabolism of proteins and carbohydrates. This results in a better assimilation of these compounds. They also play an important role in the proper functioning of the nervous system. They support the majority of energy metabolism in our body, and help burn calories. They may also significantly influence the level of perceived fatigue.

Vitamin C

This popular cold remedy supports the production of collagen, a protein that not only helps keep your skin looking good, but also plays a key role in keeping your joints in good condition. Vitamin C benefits the absorption of other nutrients, including iron, which in turn stimulates the absorption of oxygen by the body’s cells.

Vitamin A

Is extremely important for every exerciser, as its action is responsible for the synthesis of adrenal hormones, which has a direct impact on the proper functioning of muscles.

Vitamin D

Helps maintain strong bones and flexible joints. Its presence prevents the weakening of nerve conduction in muscles.

Vitamin E

Improves the rate of regeneration of muscle fibres damaged as a result of overtraining or injury. It has a significant impact on reducing the feeling of fatigue. It also alleviates painful cramps. It may help reduce the discomfort related to soreness after strenuous training.


This is a proven remedy for muscle cramps. It also helps increase muscle mass. It has a positive effect on the nervous system, concentration and energy levels. It can reduce feelings of fatigue and tiredness.

If the above list works convincingly – it is worth visiting a professionally stocked store with vitamins for athletes. There are many of them on the market, both in stationary and virtual versions. Using online stores has the advantage that we can spend more time getting acquainted with the assortment. Finally, be warned: even the most advanced nutritional supplements and other such preparations cannot replace a well-balanced diet consisting of vegetables and meat prepared as naturally as possible.

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