The right choice of shoes for your next trekking expedition

The right choice of shoes for your next trekking expedition
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Trekking expeditions, be it in the mountains, forests or other places, are very enjoyable. It’s not enough that in our country you can find many fanatics of this type of trips, in addition they have positive aspects in the form of relaxation from everyday life and work problems, as well as they have a positive impact on health. Being in the nature allows you to breathe fresh air, and long walks are a factor causing the shedding of unnecessary body fat. However, it is worth paying attention to the quality of footwear, which has a huge impact on the comfort and quality of such trips. What should you pay attention to when choosing shoes?

Make sure they are waterproof!

Weather has a way of playing tricks whether it is summer or winter. Of course, in case of cold temperatures, the matter is very simple as we have to wear thick footwear that will keep our feet warm. In summer, on the other hand, you might be tempted to go for ankle-length boots that will be more effective in hot weather and give you more comfort, while good quality trekking boots should also be resistant to changing weather. Waterproofing is a very important aspect – it is not only about keeping your feet and socks dry, but also about not making the footwear heavier, which will result in more fatigue and making each step more difficult.

There are many types of waterproof footwear on the market and although there are supporters of leather material, we recommend synthetic membrane products, which provide more protection thanks to the possibility of waterproofing the footwear. Keep in mind that at the end of the day, a well-chosen shoe will serve us for a longer period of time, so not only is it protecting the shoe, but it also saves money in the long run because you don’t have to spend extra money on another pair of shoes.

Take care of the right shape of the sole

An important factor when choosing footwear for your next trekking trip is the sole. Trips are supposed to be fun, and it’s hard to do that with shoes that don’t fit us properly. A customized sole allows you to maintain stability and grip on the ground. It is important to remember, that trails in the mountains are not the easiest and sometimes you need a lot of effort to overcome them safely and in good time. It is not uncommon that a slight slip-up is enough to get an injury, and certainly none of us would like that.

Trekking shoes with a proper sole allow you to move more safely on different terrains – the softer the sole, the more flexible it is. It is worth paying attention to this aspect, because despite appearances, it is very important, and it is often underestimated. If you want to learn about other aspects of mountain trips, Martyna Wojciechowska’s outdoor zone is a place where you can find additional and useful tips concerning trekking equipment as well as other interesting facts connected with walking on trails.

Tongue in shoes also matters

It may seem like a factor that doesn’t have much of an impact, but experienced trekkers know very well that the right tongue makes walking miles easier. Not only does it ensure that there is no pressure of the shoe and laces on the foot, but it also protects the shoe from being hit by various debris: be it sand or stones.

Another pair of shoes, which we will choose for the journey on mountain trails, must therefore be the footwear, which will provide not only comfort, but also safety for our body, as well as psychological comfort. When traveling in the mountains, we need to be aware and confident in our own abilities, and it’s hard to do that if shoes are not our allies. We also hope, that our advice will be a signpost and you will buy your next pair of shoes more consciously. We encourage you to use them – we are sure that they will make your next trips more comfortable and safer.

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