How to polish your badminton technique?

How to polish your badminton technique?
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Effective badminton training can accelerate progress, improve the motor skills and technique of even a beginner playing the popular comet.

Work on your serve

The correct introduction of the shuttlecock into the game is one of the basic elements of badminton play. The serve is all the more enjoyable as a training element because it can be performed on your own. Technical play should be learned without equipment in the first place. The correct positioning of the hands and the balance of power will help in mastering the racket and aileron during the actual game.

When learning the serve, you should pay attention to the place where the racket and the shuttlecock collide, so that you hit perfectly in the middle. The serve should be practiced during each training session – you should devote enough time to it. With each practice session the technique should improve and the player should feel more confident hitting the ball. Mastering the serve will also help you to better control the racket in your hand during shorter serves and the game itself.

You serve!
Serving in badminton is very important for several reasons. Our opponent is the first to have a chance to …

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Prepare yourself motorically

One of the important aspects of playing badminton is maintaining motor skills. Good physical condition, respiratory capacity, speed of movements and agility will help make up for technical deficiencies during the game. Motor training should take place in the gym, where you can find professional equipment to help you work on the necessary elements. Motor training should be done in addition to regular badminton game training.

Motor preparation can also be trained directly on the court. One of the more popular exercises can be done independently, but it requires patience and consistency of the player. The whole task is based on the training of movement on the court and the rapid execution of a sequence of planned movements. In order to complete the exercise, one of the darts should be placed in the front zone of the court, while the other one should be placed in the back of the court. The player should stand in the middle of the path, pick up each dart one by one and change its position. The exercise should be performed quickly and accurately in several series lasting about a minute.

Exercise muscle strength and endurance

Another important issue that can positively affect technical play is the implementation of strength training. Badminton requires enough strength to be able to punch the shuttlecock freely and give it the planned directions of flight. Strength training also improves the endurance of the muscles that are engaged in intense efforts during long exchanges and systematic workouts. In addition to visiting the gym, you can also start regular running or swimming, which will strengthen your muscles, improve your body’s fitness and respiratory capacity, and build quality muscle tissue.

To improve technical play, you can also implement an exercise in pairs using tennis balls. One person throws balls to different places on the field, while the task of the other player is to catch them and throw them to the opponent. This gives participants a chance to work out how to move around the court, trains muscular endurance during the exercise, and improves respiratory capacity in constant motion.

Take time to hit at the net

Practicing technical solutions under the net requires the participation of a partner. With regular training, the player has a chance to practice repeated long strokes (such as lobs) and shorter strokes, such as spins and net drops. The opponent should put the shuttlecock at the right height and at the right speed so that the player can repeat the next hit. Specific ways of bouncing technique at the net should be practiced regularly during each practice. Improving technical plays takes a long time, so be patient and systematically work on different solutions.

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