How to keep fit without going to the gym?

How to keep fit without going to the gym?
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The gym is a motivational tool used by many – spending more than a hundred zlotys on a lift ticket must motivate you to exercise, right? Well not really, because it turns out that if you don’t feel like exercising, you don’t have good habits yet, even a light drizzle is a good excuse to skip a workout. This often ends up in wasting money on a fitness pass or subscription, which you don’t use anyway. See how to get in shape for free

Sessions with a personal trainer, group fitness, zumba or crossfit are as tempting as the gym, but unfortunately they are equally expensive. If you’re not sure you’ll be going to classes you pay for, it’s better to start with small and, importantly, free steps. No one likes to throw money away, and that’s exactly what happens with the amount you pay up front for the workouts you skip later. Without going to the gym, at home and at very little cost, you can set up great and effective workouts for yourself. The motivation is within you if you look for it right!

Video tutorials

Back in the 1980s in the United States, women used to exercise in front of their televisions by playing an instructional video on a VHS cassette. Now that internet access is widespread, you have a huge selection of workout videos for various levels of fitness. From dance workouts, to yoga, to Ewa Chodakowska’s iconic scalpel program in Poland. Access to such videos can be purchased on various websites or streaming services. You can get a substitute of a personal trainer for a very low cost, who will motivate you to act, and additionally exercise with you. It is good not to exhaust yourself.

Home gym equipment

You don’t need professional machines or expensive equipment to exercise at home. In fact, all you need at first is an exercise mat and a roller to massage your muscles after a workout. If you get drawn into the world of sports and want to train in a more professional way, you can swap water bottles for dumbbells and scarves for stretching bands, but don’t start your exercise adventure with a big investment. Exercise equipment greatly facilitates more complicated positions and figures, but at the very beginning it is not necessary, you can easily find workouts that require nothing but a mat

Jogging and outdoor recreation

Nowadays, there is no shortage of places where you can practice sports for free, for example at city outdoor gyms or treadmills at stadiums or schools. Many people choose jogging as a form of introduction to the world of fitness and physical activity. This is a very good first step, because it is a very casual, yet rewarding form of training. While running, the brain produces the most endorphins. Thanks to this, over time, the body itself demands activity to add dopamine and serotonin, resulting not only from the running itself, but also from the fact of being outdoors and contact with nature

Taking care of your body, not only your figure, but also physical form, fitness and health is a very important part of self care. Remember to start your adventure with sport carefully and gradually, and not abruptly, so as not to strain your body. If you want to avoid the crowds at the gym, paying for a pass and tiring commute, do not look for excuses and start exercising at home. It’s not hard to do!

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