Why practice boxing?

Why practice boxing?
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Boxing is still associated by many people with a typically male sport. However, more and more women decide to practice this sport. Regular training allows you to improve your condition and develop many muscle groups.

Boxing – basic rules

Combat sports arouse many emotions. They have been wrongly labelled as brutal. Like any sport, boxing has rules of competition. Contestants meet in the ring and can only use their fists in combat. Kicks, grabs, undercutting the opponent and other techniques are strictly prohibited. Boxing training is very dynamic. It improves fitness and helps burn excess body fat. Probably for this reason more and more women are interested in this sport every year.

Boxing training – should you train on your own or in a boxing club?

This question is particularly relevant in the era of the coronavirus pandemic. Boxing training can be found in many sports clubs throughout Poland. If you want to develop in this direction, look for trainings organized in your area. Whether you live in the countryside or in a big city, you should have no problem finding organized boxing classes.

Interestingly, women’s boxing sections have been established in most places for some time now. The number of female fans of combat sports is steadily increasing and, consequently, the offer of classes for women is also getting wider. Classes are held both in groups for beginners, as well as more advanced. Are you ashamed to go alone? Encourage a friend – boxing training is a great way to get rid of stress.

If you’re apprehensive about group training, you can set up a training room in your own home, but it will cost a lot of money. A professional boxing sack is not a cheap piece of sports equipment. Moreover, beginners should train under the supervision of an experienced fighter or individual trainer. Practicing on your own, even if based on videos available on the internet, can lead to developing incorrect technique.

What are the benefits of boxing training?

You can gain a lot by signing up for regular boxing training. If you want to gain the skills needed to attack another human being, this is not the path for you. Boxing teaches values such as the difficult art of self-control, allows you to fight your weaknesses and sharpens your perceptiveness. The positive visual effects cannot be overlooked either. With regular boxing training, your physique will change, excess body fat will be burned off and muscles will become more prominent. You will also train your motor coordination, calm down, and focus will no longer be a problem for you.

What to look for in a boxing workout?

Knowing how to throw an accurate punch is important, but not the only part of boxing training. Popular punches known to all (not only boxing enthusiasts) include the hook and the straight punch. Remember that there is a specific zone in which you can hit your opponent. Strikes below the waist and also to the head are strictly forbidden.

When training to box, also focus on the correct posture. The speed and efficiency of your punches and avoiding your opponent’s fists largely depend on it. Proper footwork is also extremely important. Typical boxing training should be supported by additional running and strengthening exercises which improve concentration.


At first glance you can see that boxing training is quite complicated. People who practice this sport must focus on the harmonious development of different muscle groups. However, the body is not everything. You can not forget about tempering the spirit and strengthening the psyche – it is these training elements that allow you to overcome your own weaknesses and shape the boxer. Want to learn more about what professional boxing training looks like? Contact a club operating in your area.

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