Recipes for tasty diet cakes – you must try them!

Recipes for tasty diet cakes – you must try them!
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Going on a diet in the first place is usually associated with a definite abandonment of all sweet dishes. However, the reality doesn’t have to be that brutal at all – find out recipes for delicious diet cakes that are sure to sweeten the weight loss process!

Carrot-coconut cake

Carrot cake is a great way to “smuggle” vegetables into your daily diet, and all while maintaining the taste! For lovers of sweetness, carrots in this form will certainly prove much more approachable. Importantly, these vegetables have a naturally sweet taste, so we will not need to add even a gram of sugar to our cake. When we enrich the whole thing with coconut shavings, we will never miss traditional baked goods again.

Forest moss – diet version

Forest moss is famous for pleasing not only the taste buds, but also the eyes – this cake is extremely aesthetically pleasing! If you are on a diet, it is especially worth reaching for a “slimmed down” variant of this baked product. The overriding ingredient is… spinach, which is the base of our cake. Just combine it with a delicious white yogurt cream and out comes a healthy dessert. Those who have tried it can confirm that the forest moss diet version is just as tasty as its classic version.

Chocolate cake with… zucchini

Another proposal with the vegetable in the starring role. Zucchini has recently become increasingly popular in Polish kitchens, and it turns out that you can also successfully introduce it to your menu with an exceptional chocolate cake.

This is a dessert that is sure to be of interest to all chocolate lovers who have had to give up their favorite sweets due to their diet. In this cake the most important thing is, of course, zucchini, but there is also a place for protein chocolate – this combination will provide us with gigantic amounts of positive energy!

Gingerbread from yams

Gingerbread is a cake that is a guest of honor on Polish tables in autumn and winter. Unfortunately, its traditional version is quite caloric, and as a result, it will probably not work well for people on a diet. However, what if it were slightly modified in such a way that it would not interfere with our weight loss process? A great alternative could be, for example, gingerbread from yams, in which we can search in vain for gluten, lactose or sugar. This combination of sweet flavor and spicy vegetables will ensure that even after the diet is over, we will not go back to the classic gingerbread!

Vegan cheesecake without sugar

If you look at cheesecake recipes, sugar will play a fundamental role in most of them. However, it turns out that it is absolutely not a necessary ingredient for creating a delicious cake – just reach for a vegan version! The lamb cheesecake without sugar is a proposal aimed primarily at people on a diet, but not only. Its taste qualities are sure to be appreciated even by those who prefer traditional baked goods on a daily basis.

Fit banana cake

This time it is not vegetables that come to the fore, but fruit, specifically banana. To make an oversweet banana cake, in addition to the title ingredient, we will still need oatmeal, honey, eggs, cinnamon and coconut oil. This will create a delicious dessert that will not stand out from its more caloric counterparts and will undoubtedly win the heart of any weight-loss person.

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