Healthy eating, or what kind of eating?

Healthy eating, or what kind of eating?
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Everyone would like to eat healthy, because a good diet can extend your life by several years and avoid many dangerous diseases. However, the phrase “healthy food” has changed its meaning over time. The products available today at discount grocery stores are heavily processed, and fresh fruits and vegetables are full of preservatives, artificial fertilizers, and are heavily modified to speed up their growth. So how to eat healthy and what does it really mean in the 21st century? We tell you how to lead a healthy lifestyle and how to choose healthy products

A seasonal diet

In the past, nature naturally determined a person’s diet – depending on the seasons, different vegetables and fruits grow, which were eaten for lack of other options. Summer is the richest season for produce. Fresh fruits and vegetables burst out of the ground in abundance and full of nutritional value make their way to plates. Cauliflower in June will have a completely different taste and properties than one bought in the supermarket in late November

Winter, unfortunately, is poor in fresh produce, the only available vegetables are root vegetables. However, in this period it is worth to strengthen your immunity by eating pickles and fruit and vegetable pres erves made in summer. In jars you can enclose the flavours of spring and summer together with their nutritional values. Just remember to choose high quality, natural and organic vegetables and fruits for pickling

Look for BIO certificates

Unfortunately, we live in times when truly healthy food is scarce and hard to come by. That’s why it’s a good idea to look for the BIO certificate, which confirms that the food you buy is natural, healthy and organic

In order to obtain such a certificate, the farm which grows the products must meet very restrictive requirements set by the European Union. The “BIO” label on a product means that there are no heavy metal residues in the vegetable or the finished product, only natural fertilizers were used for their cultivation, and they are not modified in any way. BIO flour is flour that has been produced exclusively from organically grown grains. It can not contain fertilizer residues and impurities, and thanks to this only valuable ingredients will get into the body, and not harmful chemicals

Intuitive eating – the key to healthy eating

If you want to eat healthily and at the same time maintain a slim figure, the key is intuitive eating. It consists in abandoning any diets and listening to your body. Your body will tell you best what you need. When you feel hungry, don’t limit yourself, just reach for a snack

The difficulty with intuitive eating is that you also have to listen carefully to your body when you eat, to observe the moment when hunger stops and to stop eating. Unfortunately, many people tend to overeat, which is one of the main causes of overweight and obesity

A good way to sensitize yourself to satiety is to sip BIO tea with your meal, which will gradually refill your stomach and help you notice the right moment to end your meal. Once you master the art of intuitive eating and learn to choose healthy, seasonal foods, your diet will be completely healthy and beneficial to you.

If you listen well to what your body is telling you, you don’t have to worry about vitamin and mineral deficiencies. Food cravings are the body’s request for a particular ingredient. If you crave chocolate, you are probably deficient in magnesium, and if you feel a cold starting to set in, you may notice an increased desire for acidic things that contain a lot of ascorbic acid – vitamin C.

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