What is kite foil and kitesurfing and what is needed for these sports?

What is kite foil and kitesurfing and what is needed for these sports?
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Water sports, mainly in summers, are invariably in demand. People looking for an unforgettable experience very often decide just to spend time together with an interesting water sport. No wonder – vacation time encourages to feel a little bit more adrenaline, and moreover to learn finally what for the whole year and sometimes even for many years is successively put aside.

Kitesurfing – entertainment for the persistent

Kitesurfing is a fantastic alternative to regular swimming or surfing. This discipline is something very similar to surfing, but one variable is the necessity to use a kite while riding the board. This sport is somewhat similar to windsurfing, but the stance on the board itself is more like snowboarding. The best conditions for this sport are a large space on land for launching, a large space of water, no obstacles, shallow water and a steady wind.

In our school you can learn kitesurfing. The course time is only several hours for beginners divided into special stages of about 5 hours each. The price includes the help of an instructor, equipment rental and accommodation. The courses take place mainly on the Hel Peninsula. During our course you will learn not only how to tame the kite, but you will also learn how to swim. Kitesurfing course is something that many people dream about, but still a small number of people have the courage to try and start a great sport.

Kite foil – what is it?

Kite fo il is another variation of kitesurfing that we offer in our school. Kite foil is first of all a discipline which is distinguished by unusual equipment. Besides the kite the student uses a specialized board. The board is a professional equipment, which was built with a top surface resembling a traditional surfboard and attached to it an underwater wing, which allows you to float sometimes very high above the water. Kite foil is a unique fun, great freedom, a sense of control over the world. If you desire such feelings, be sure to check out our courses.

Kite foil kits and other accessories – surf store

In addition to courses, we also run a wonderful store where you can buy sensational, specialized equipment for many water sports practiced on a board. In addition to the indispensable equipment, the assortment includes special clothing, as well as gadgets that make practicing this sport much easier. Do you want to feel like a fish in the water? Do you want to experience an unusual adventure? Do you want to experience the feeling accompanying levitation? Be sure to check out our offer and try a course!

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