Equipment and accessories needed to play table tennis

Equipment and accessories needed to play table tennis
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One of the most popular games played at the amateur level requires not only basic skills, but also good equipment. Check out how to choose the most important pieces of equipment to play table tennis!

Tennis racket

The offer of sports stores regarding the types of rackets to play table tennis is extremely wide. People who are beginners or play recreationally do not have to reach for expensive and professional equipment. However, this does not change the fact that the most popular manufacturers who deal with creating table tennis equipment for amateurs, have in their offer rackets available for as little as several dozen zlotys. Such proven brands include Donic-Schildkrot or Butterfly. For not much money, a player will be able to purchase a good quality product, which should prove itself in recreational play for several years to come.

When choosing the equipment, one should pay attention to three most important aspects: weight, control and the way the ball rotates during the game. An optimally fitting racket should fit comfortably in the player’s hand, have a high level of ball control, and allow for easy change of stroke directions.

The ping-pong ball

The second element necessary to play a game of table tennis is the ball. The officially approved size in the rules of all tournaments is a diameter of 40 millimeters. Equipment is usually marked with a star or number system, indicating the level of advancement of the ball. For amateur players, it is recommended to purchase a ball with a lower marking.

You can find table tennis balls in different colors on the market. This is only an aesthetic element, which does not affect the parameters of the equipment. People buying new ping-pong balls may pay attention to the certificate confirming that the model has passed the attestations organized by the International Table Tennis Federation. This information confirms the good quality of the ball and its compliance with current regulations.

Sportswear and footwear

In case of table tennis, training clothes should be breathable, absorb moisture and not restrict the player’s movements. However, footwear is more important. If the game takes place in an enclosed room with a smooth surface, it’s worth taking care of shoes that will work well on such a surface. In ping-pong, shoes with flat, non-slip soles work well, as they will protect the leg from a possible fall and potential injury.

If the game is played outdoors, comfortable, traditional sports shoes can be worn. The player should remember that conducting a game of table tennis in flip-flops, bare feet or sandals is not very stable for the ankle and may, with intensive exchange, lead to loss of balance, and even painful injury as a consequence.

Additional equipment

In addition to the necessary equipment needed to play ping-pong, you can also buy some additional items that will facilitate, for example, the transport of rackets. Such gadgets include a special abacus to help monitor the score, a case for the rackets or a net for the game. Table tennis table owners can also purchase a special cover that will protect the table top from damage. Such protected equipment can be stored on the gazebo, in the garden, basement or garage.

A net that can be spread over a ping-pong table is useful when players use equipment located in public places, such as neighborhood recreational and sports parks, community centers, outdoor gyms or playgrounds. In these places it happens that there is no net or it is largely destroyed. If you have your own, you can protect yourself, place it on a table if necessary and play freely.

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